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Gun wielding man shuts down I-465

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A chase, a crash, then a man held at gunpoint, but not by Police. It all happened on 465, on the city’s west side.

When police arrived, they shut down the road, and started to piece together what happened.

According to police, Pablo Rodriguez, 28, followed Andre Edwards, 21.

“He thought he observed his uncle’s vehicle that had been reported stolen two days ago on February 3,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Rich Myers said.

Once on I-465, Rodriguez rammed his car into the vehicle being driven by Edwards and then held Edwards at gun point until police could arrive on the scene.

“Call 911 , let us handle the situation. Get where it’s at , description of the vehicle license plate number,” Myers said.

“There was reports that a shot was fired, we’re still investigating that. If it actually did take place or not,” Myers added.

Edwards has an outstanding Marion County warrant for an armed and dangerous robbery and a second outstanding warrant from the state of Georgia for aggravated assault. Both men have been transferred to Eskenazi Hospital for examination while ISP continues to investigate the incident.

“Well I think he should’ve called 911 or the police and not take into his own hands,” one woman said.

“I certainly wouldn’t chase him, I mean maybe stay a little bit behind him so you don’t loose him, but don’t chase him and then crash into him on top of that,” another resident added.

It’s still not clear whether or not the vehicle that Edwards was driving was the vehicle that was stolen from the uncle of Pablo Rodriguez.