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Holiday tipping guide

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – From teachers to trainers, doormen to delivery drivers, the holidays are a time to show your appreciation for year-round service. Tippers hand out $40 billion in tips each year, but tipping can be tricky.

Financial professor Brian Benham from Benham Advisory Group, joined 24-Hour News 8’s studios Sunday morning to give a guide on how much to tip during the holidays and the rest of the year.

Holiday tipping is about saying thank you and showing your gratitude to those who offer you a service year round.

Here are some questions Benham answered:

  • Why do people hurry worry about tips more during the holiday season?
  • How can you show gratitude to everyone on your list without blowing your budget?
  • Who should we tip this time of year and how much?

Child care/nannies:

If you have a nanny or babysitter, you should tip your regular babysitter up to one evening’s pay and a small gift fro your child. You can also give your child’s teacher a small gift as well.Beauty/personal care:

Massage therapists, hair stylists and manicurists should receive an extra tip during the holiday season.Delivery services:

Your UPS or FedEx driver should get $15 to $25, depending on how often you get packages delivered. U.S. Postal Service mail carriers can’t accept cash or checks.Restaurants:

There are some exceptions where that percentage should be a little higher. This includes a local diner where you can grab a meal for cheap, like $5 a person. In this situation, a 40 percent tip would be nice.

Why is it important to figure out standards? And who are we tipping that we should be?

Watch the full-interview above to learn more.