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Ramp metering on I-465 to begin in May

I 465 ramp meters, stoplights set to begin

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis commuters are about to see some major changes.

Ramp metering on I-465 on the southeast side of Indianapolis is set to begin on May 6 to help with heavy traffic flow and safety. This is the first time the state will install ramp meters or stop lights to access I-456  from I-65 to I-70.   

It’s all about educating the public, says Indiana State Police Sgt. Brent Gulinson.

“When it comes to ramp metering it is a traffic light so you are required to obey the red, yellow, green as you would any traffic signal,” he said.  

Yellow means proceed with caution. Red means stop. Green means go.   

Indiana Department of Transportation says ramp meters will control how often vehicles enter the highway during peak travel or during accidents. You’ll see them on ramps from Emerson, Southeastern, Shadeland avenues, Brookville Road and Washington Street. 

Commuter Yneszi Detchra thinks it’s a great idea.“It’s definitely gonna help with the overcrowding of the highway and I think it’s gonna be good for the citizens.” 

“This is all about adaptability so these ramp metering is scheduled for one car at a time so when they see these peak hours they will allow more cars at a time to prevent back up,” said Kyleigh Cramer, a public relations director for INDOT. 

Not everyone thinks its going to work. Commuter Marquise Perry says, “Honestly, the way that construction is going on right now, I feel like it’ll slow down traffic more depending on how often the light will work.

Aside from the ramp meters, INDOT is also installing variable speed limits that adjust based on real time traffic and dynamic signs to let drivers know of conditions up ahead. A spokesperson for INDOT says ramp metering has worked in states like Illinois and Michigan.  

It hasn’t worked everywhere. Georgia Department of Transportation has taken out ramp metering in Atlanta after it created more congestion.