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IFD investigates two arson incidents

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Someone intentionally set two fires at a north Indianapolis apartment complex early Tuesday morning, firefighters said. No  injuries were reported.

Detectives are now trying to figure out who’s responsible for the fires at The Villas at Meridian Hills.

Firefighters said the first fire started around 5:30 a.m. in the apartment clubhouse. Less than an hour later, the second one started in the laundry room.

The laundry room is now filled with debris and surrounded by shattered glass. Firefighters said they showed up and saw black smoke coming from the building.

People living in the apartments are now searching for another place to clean their clothes. One woman who asked only to be identified as Tiffany said she woke around 6:30 a.m. to the sound of glass breaking.

She said she looked outside and saw the firefighters.

“It’s very scary and very frustrating,” Tiffany said. “I don’t understand why somebody would do something like that.”

Tiffany said she normally feels safe at home.

Now, she’s wondering who started the fires and why. She’s also worried about keeping her kids away from the glass.

She shared a message to the arsonist.

“Leave us alone. Get a life. Find something better to do with your life,” she said. “We’re innocent people here and we just want to live here and be safe.”

Property managers wouldn’t allow 24-Hour News 8 to record video of the damage to the clubhouse. The director of property management said authorities advised them not to talk to reporters about the crimes.

Firefighters said the two fires caused a total of about $7,500 in damages.

Investigators said someone intentionally set two small fires at an apartment complex Tuesday morning at the Villas at Meridians Hills Apartments. (Provided Photo/IFD)