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GOP Governor’s Debate: Plan to help small businesses in Indiana

GOP Governor’s Debate: Plan to help small business in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Five Republican candidates hoping for the job of Indiana governor debated live for 90 minutes Wednesday night from the historic Madam Walker Legacy Center on WISH-TV.

The five invited candidates were Mike Braun, Brad Chambers, Suzanne Crouch, Eric Doden, and Curtis Hill.

News 8 asked the candidates: What are your plans to help small businesses survive and succeed in this state?

Braun says he would help small businesses become the next regional and national businesses rather than just helping “a few big companies” in Indiana.

Hill says decreasing regulatory control would be best to help businesses and allow “the free market to do its thing.” He says Indiana information and resources on starting new businesses needs to be shared more widely.

Chambers says he’d put “a secretary of entrepreneurship” in place. He notes the big companies that come to Indiana help the small businesses and grow the economy, too.

Crouch says eliminating the state income tax would help small businesses to grow and prosper. She says that also will attract new workers to Indiana.

Doden says the Indiana Main Street program helps restore smaller Indiana communities’ pride, buildings and houses. He’d use that model to create an ecosystem in that same way.