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Indianapolis Monthly smoking gun cover captivates local residents

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Tuesday, the Department of Public Safety hosted a focus area team meeting to discuss the Peace Learning Center and how it can make a positive impact on youth who live in troubled areas.

The Peace Learning Center specializes in teaching children and adults proper conflict resolution skills. According to DPS, most homicides cases happen because of petty arguments. Currently the Peace Learning Center has a 75 percent success rate with students demonstrating how to use conflict resolution skills.

“I’m not going to lie, it was tough, I didn’t use my head I just rushed in and that started a lot of conflict,” said student Terrance Groves. “Now I’m smarter about it and I have ways I can resolve the problem.”

Peace Learning Center organizers would like to add their centers in six of Indy’s most challenged areas; however, it would cost about $180,000 to make that become a reality.

Workers downtown on lunch break believe an investment needs to be taken to curb the stem of violence in our city.

“We’ve got to do some progressive things to help our young people, who feel they have to resolve their differences with guns,” said resident Jackie Burroughs.

If you would like to learn more about the Peace Learning Center click here.

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