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IndyGo updates on Red Line construction

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – A heads up for drivers as the holiday approaches and the IndyGo Redline construction continues. Officials say you will start seeing significant changes soon and also feel the impact of delays.

Expect big changes for the Red Line over the next few weeks. If you’re driving on roads like Meridian Street, Capitol Avenue or Shelby Street, you will want to pay attention.

IndyGo says Meridian Street and Capitol Avenue both are down to two lanes, one northbound and one southbound between 38th and 18th streets. Crews are installing utilities, improving sidewalks and starting to install the station.

Red Line construction crews have completed the majority of work on the west side of Capitol Avenue and are moving to the east side very soon.

Lauren Day from IndyGo says there are big holes on Meridian Street in the ground and that is the first Red Line canopies being installed, which are expected to be done the week of January 2. 

“Overall this is a short-term impact for a positive long-term gain,” said Day. “Our city is in dire need of improved transit and getting people around more reliably and more quickly. So, the construction right now is to significantly improve that public transit for everyone, including current and future riders. So, for the impact being frustrating right now, people can feel it, people can see it, but ultimately what people need to keep in mind is what we’re trying to do is build out that 70 percent impact in service that will improve it for everyone around the city.” 

IndyGo says they are installing stations on Shelby Street and Meridian Street over the next few months.

IndyGo also says they will not start on the College Avenue corridor until the end of January, beginning of February. Hopefully, the impact on traffic won’t be too disruptive this holiday. As always make sure to watch for construction crews as you drive through the zones.

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