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Indy’s 2021 NBA All-Star Game planners visit Chicago

Behind the scenes with Indianapolis’ 2021 NBA All-Star Game plans

CHICAGO (WISH) — Dear Chicago, we need your blueprints. This party, the biggest the NBA throws on an annual basis, is on the way to Indianapolis in 2021 and, on paper, it’s a bit intimidating.

The guest list? That’s 24 of the most recognizable superstars in all of sports and hundreds of media members, including a growing number that hail from outside of the United States. Plus, most importantly, thousands of fans.

“It will be north of 100,000 people and the economic impact of the event will be north of $100 million, which we are obviously very excited about. We built Indianapolis to host some of these events,” Mel Raines said.

Raines is the president of 2021 NBA All-Star Indianapolis Organizing Committee and, on Friday, she toured this weekend’s All-Star setup at the United Center alongside the NBA’s top minds and a few of Indiana’s, too.

“I am looking whether there is stuff laying on the ground. I am looking to see whether there are lights out in the ceiling. People forget to look up sometimes,” said Rick Fuson, president of Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

While these two are hard at work, the NBA’s top voice is already excited about getting to Indianapolis in 2021.

“If any place deserves an All-Star game, it is Indiana,” play-by-play announcer Mike Breen said. “I have been going there for almost 30 years. The passion of the basketball fans there is off-the-charts. I can’t think of a better place than Indiana.”

The red carpet is ready for 2020 All-Star Weekend. Let the 2021 countdown begin.