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Law enforcement agencies participate in simulated crime scene exercise

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Several law enforcement agencies participated in a mock training exercise for first responders on Wednesday.

Emergency Management Coordinator for The Indiana National Guard’s Deedra Thombleson said the exercise prepares troops to work with law enforcement.

“That would have to respond here for any type of hostile intruder, active shooter type incident that would, might occur in the future,” said Thombleson.

The National Guard organized the event. The purpose is to test their ability to coordinate successfully with first responders.

“You’re talking about soldiers who have been deployed into combat zones and that are used to fighting back,” said Thombleson.

Guard troops learned to not fight back, but instead, to allow police to lead.

“And not put themselves in harms way and not put themselves in jeopardy in interfering with law enforcement response. So, they can be prepared and come in take care of our soldiers and get the shooter taken care of in a quicker manner,” said Thombleson.

The Indiana National Guard, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center, Indiana State Police, Marion County Emergency Management, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Wayne Township Fire Department all participated in the full scale exercise.

Authorities armed with guns, and dressed in uniforms responded. In the scenario, people were shot, the suspect took hostages, law enforcement searched the building and a standoff ensued.

Thombleson said it’s important for the Guard to be on the same page with first responders, “So that we can get our processes and procedures down before an event occurs. Hopefully it never occurs.”

But if it does occur, they’re working to be prepared. Months of training went into Wednesday’s event. First responders participated in emergency drills, workshops and other simulated scenarios. This is the first time the Indiana National Guard has held a training event specifically for coordination with law enforcement.