Bicyclist back on her feet after hit by truck

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The signs say it all: yield to bikers, walkers and even people on roller skates.

But on Wednesday afternoon at the Massachusetts Avenue and Alabama Street intersection, that didn’t happen.

Security footage from a nearby business captured the entire incident: A silver truck hit Alice Avidor on her bicycle.

Watch the video closely to see the cyclist, Avidor, had the all-clear to go. When she realized the driver of the truck wasn’t slowing down Avidor said she had to make a choice.

“If I turned left, even more than I already was on the trail, I would have been in traffic,” Avidor said.

A day later, she’s back on her feet with only a few bumps and bruises.

“I want to go on with my life. I don’t just want to sit on my couch with minor bruises. I don’t think that’s what this is all about,” Avidor said.

She said what happens next is a two-way street. She wants the city to look into new and safer designs that make it easier for everyone to get around.

“It needs to be protected in a way that people can enjoy the space and not feel like they’re at danger by motorists and other people. I also think that motorists need to be protected as well because sometimes they’re confused,” Avidor said.

It was confusion in this situation that Avidor said could have cost her her life had she not been an avid cyclist.

“You learn how to fall, and I’m really happy that I bike a lot because I have that experience of falling and I just told myself protect your head,” Avidor said.

Bikers also learn to get back up, and Avidor says that’s exactly what she did.

“I’m not going to be deterred from biking, especially around the city center. It’s the only way I get around,” Avidor said.

She says she isn’t mad at the driver who hit her and said they had a conversation after the crash. She hopes sharing her story will be a wake-up call for drivers to pay attention and for city leaders to act.