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Do’s and don’ts of starting a new diet

Tips for starting a new diet

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Trying to eat better and exercising can be a bit difficult to keep yourself motivated to shed those extra pounds.

Jordan Jennewine, a sports dietician from Ascension St. Vincent, joined Daybreak to speak on the foundation to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

“There are a lot of different diets out there, and certain things can give structure and provide some guidance for people to get started and making some healthy lifestyle changes,” Jennewine said. “But in general, we really want to avoid trying to choose diets that are eliminating food groups, unnecessarily. We want to choose diets that are inclusive that allow us to stick with our lifestyle the way that it currently is, but making some smaller healthy changes.”

Jennewine encourages those to start small by making smaller goals for themselves.

“So start small, pick a few things. So if we want to focus on protein, let’s figure out what our protein goals are, and let’s try and spread those throughout the day,” she said. “If we want to look at something like grains, that’s a great source of fiber. So let’s look at fiber in general. How do we meet our fiber goals? So it’s picking a few things and trying to make those our smaller goals.”

“Focusing on things that actually become part of our lifestyle, whether those are nutrition pieces, exercise pieces, activity pieces. That’s what’s going to be the key to change.”

To learn more, watch the full interview above.