Host families needed in Westfield ahead of Grand Park’s college summer baseball league

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Grand Park’s college baseball summer league needs 25 host families to house college students for two months.

Young players are coming in from across the country and Pro X Athlete Development says it’s a great chance to help out a college student. About 200 players are set to sign contracts, but 40% have yet to make a final decision. They’re waiting to see if they’ll have a place to stay.

The program was created in 2020, right after the pandemic hit and leagues across the country were canceled. At that time, they had more than 275 players.

This year they’re being more selective in the roster process, the plan is to have eight teams. It won’t happen without host families. All players need is a roof over their head, a place to sleep and a washing machine for laundry. Players would only be staying for the months of June and July.

League officials say this opportunity can create lasting relationships.

“It can be a really cool experience,” Pro X Athlete Development Director of Operations Mark Walther said. “I know guys who played in leagues like this that had host families like this and are still in touch years later with those same host families because it was such a well respected relaltionship.”

Most are players are incoming college freshman or returning athletes. They will play three of four days a week and then train the other days. The league will have a wide varirety of players from schools right here in Indiana like IU, Purdue, Butler, Indiana State and Ball State. Opening day is Memorial Day. The season will run through the end of July.

Families who are interested in becoming hosts, can reach out to Pro X directly or send an email to mwalther@proxathlete.com.

Host families have the chance to get two season ticket packages, a free entry to all tournaments throughout the summer or a membership at Pro X.