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Indiana Grown: Ed Sol Crafts

Indiana Grown: Ed Sol Crafts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every Saturday, WISH-TV highlights a local company together with our partners at Indiana Grown.

This week, Eduardo Sol with Ed Sol Crafts joined News 8’s Brittany Noble at Daybreak.

What started as a fun and “dangerous” hobby of playing with fire, Sol is now a self-taught crafter who makes custom knives, tomahawks, and leather and wood creations by hand.

Sol first shares his experience as a contestant on the History Channel TV show, “Forged in Fire,” where he was a finalist in season 9, episode 8.

Sol brought with him multiple blades he had made to show to News 8 and also share the histories behind them. He also gives a rundown of the blade-making process, from selecting the metal bar that will be used to the smallest details in the final stage of decoration.

To hear more about Sol’s crafts, and also hear him share his experience in the “Forged in Fire” competition, watch the interview above.