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Jewish group condemns anti-Semitic flyers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council, and ADL Midwest are all speaking out after anti-Semitic flyers were found in Indianapolis on Thursday and Friday.

“They’re disgusting,” said Jacob Markey, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Jewish Relations Council.

The hate group also dropped leaflets in Indianapolis and other cities around the country last fall. Law enforcement is aware of the flyers and there is no specific threat to the community.

“We have people, when we’ve had incidents in the past, that don’t want to go to synagogue, or they don’t want to send their kids to religious school,” said Markey.

Markey is urging the community to not be scared or intimidated, even as incidents of antisemitism are climbing. Markey believes people feel emboldened to express their hateful views more openly because he thinks fewer politicians condemn them.

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“That’s the reason for us to double down on educating the community while helping understand what the Jewish community is like, the positive aspects of the community.”

The JCRC’S goal is to represent the Jewish community to the broader community by building relationships with interfaith and multi-faith groups. Markey says the latest display of antisemitism makes him want to work harder at that goal.

“We’re not going to let them win. We are not fearful, our community is a very prideful community, we’re a prideful Indianapolis community with amazing partners of all different walks of life.”

The Jewish Federation of Indianapolis has a website where you can report a hate crime or hate-related incident.