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Mad dash to buy groceries leaves some shelves empty before winter storm

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In the hours before a winter storm system arrive, Indiana shoppers were in a mad dash.

They were looking for everything from groceries to last-minute Christmas gifts.

A few hours before the storm hit, people arrived to stores during lunchtime to grab some essentials. “Easy stuff to make like pasta, sort of basic just to get us through,” saisd Katie Prendergast, an Indianapolis resident.

This week, people at the Meijer on 96th Street discovered empty shelves as people did last-minute shopping before the heavy snow and extreme cold.

“This time of year, you look for that this time of year and Christmas is Sunday,” said Harold Weaklin, an Indianapolis resident.

With Christmas coming up in three days, people were also making sure they’ve got everything they need for the holiday.

“Definitely a mix of both, but the local government is saying get it all done, get off the streets, so we can keep everybody else safe,” said Jessica Ernsburger, an Indianapolis resident.

“So, I just love to get it all done and then hunker down and not have to worry about leaving especially if it’s going to as cold as it says it’s going to be,” Ernsburger said.

“There is nothing on my list that I couldn’t find, so pretty happy about that,” Prendergast said.

Ernsburger says it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen these next couple of days.

“We’re all gossiping about it, but nobody knows what to expect. We’re just thankful that we have houses with heat and food and I think if a snowstorm is going to come coming right around Christmas seems almost like a Hallmark movie,” Ernsburger said.

Some people told News 8 they were hopeful that the roads won’t be too bad and that they can do some Christmas shopping later.