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Neighbors want answers after Noblesville police shoot man

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — On Thursday, News 8 sent a list of questions to investigators following a police shooting in Noblesville.

On Wednesday, Carmel Police Department said that an officer shot 41-year-old Karmen Parrish, but police won’t say why the officer decided to pull the trigger.

News 8 has asked Carmel Police Department for the officer’s name and whether the officer was wearing a body camera, but so far police have only said that they don’t have any additional information available for release at this time.

“It is strange the limited information given out, but again we don’t know the whole situation,” said Joe Kauser, a Noblesville resident.

Kauser was at home when his dog heard the gunshot and started barking.

“I honestly didn’t think anything of it just because we live near the countryside downtown Noblesville and so we hear gunshots every now and then, but people, recreational use,” Kauser said.

Teresa Keefer also heard the gunshot. She and her husband, Rob Brown, also say they need more information.

“I was, I got up at 5 o’clock to use the restroom and I heard a loud, curdling scream and then a loud boom like a gunshot and I just freaked out,” Keefer said.

“I would like to know my surroundings. I don’t want to have to pick up and move. I’d like to stay here how we have been,” Keefer said.

The shooting happened near the intersection of Fifth Street and Walnut Street. Noblesville Police say they responded to multiple disturbance calls.

The mayor says they involved a person with an active warrant. When officers arrived at the house, no one answered. Then they heard yelling and that’s when officers confronted Parrish and his girlfriend. An officer then shot Parrish.

“I’ve just seen him out with his dog and his kids if they’re his kids. I’ve seen the girlfriend come and go, but never really talk to them, exchange words,” Kauser said.

Police have not said if Parrish was armed. He was transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital for treatment and on Thursday was stable.