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Tuesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Florida seeing smallest citrus crop in a century

Orange juice may be pricier and less sweet over the next several months as Florida’s groves yield the smallest crop of citruses in nearly a century. The state’s orange trees have suffered from hurricane winds and a mounting epidemic of disease this year, accelerating a 20-year decline in citrus production.

Johnsonville issued a recall for ‘Beddar with Cheddar’ sausage links. Johnsonville says a consumer reported a small, black, flexible thread-like material found in a link.

Amazon says it’s fighting fake product reviews

Shoppers are inundated with fake reviews and social media sites aren’t doing enough to curb the fraud, according to Amazon. Amazon has faced accusations of letting fraudulent reviews slide, but the company took legal action against 90 brokers who promoted the reviews. It also sued an additional 10,000 Facebook group administrators who tried to post fake reviews on Amazon. Amazon reportedly uses artificial intelligence to help weed out fake reviews.

UPS workers vote to strike

UPS workers vote to strike, setting the stage for the biggest walkout since 1959. Members of the teamsters union, which represents about 340,000 workers at the package delivery company, voted overwhelmingly on Friday to strike if no agreement is reached with ups by the time the current contract expires on July 31.

Stock Update

Investors are coming off of a strong week, even as the major averages had slipped on Friday. It was also the S&P 500′s fifth positive week in a row — a first since November 2021 — and the Nasdaq’s eighth consecutive positive week.

Doctors most likely to marry in same profession

According to census bureau data, medical doctors are most likely to marry within their profession. About 18% of physicians and surgeons are married to another doctor. Professors are second and restaurant owners third.