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Man finds sinking graves at Indy cemetery

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis man is accusing a cemetery of not taking proper care of multiple gravesites.

“They can be put in a pauper grave and shouldn’t be treated like this,” said Allen Haynes. “One of them had, I’m guessing, a foot and half of water in it with stuff floating. The other ones was sunk in.”

The graves were spotted yesterday at a newer section of Floral Park Cemetery near Michigan and Holt Streets.

“One of them on the other side had a sink hole in it,” said Haynes.

On Monday he was visiting his wife who passed from cancer in July. Her grave is not affected but he’s concerned for the other families.

“I mean just a poor way of taking care of families out there,” said Haynes

Despite the concerns, management says it is normal settling of the grave.

“Graves tend to settle after a burial let alone with the conditions of the snow and the rain after that,” said Cinnamon Caughlan, the General Manager of Floral Park Cemetery.

Caughlan says the cemetery’s policy of refilling the graves and planting seeds seven to 10 days after burial isn’t always possible during the winter

“Once the snow melts it uncovers everything, I mean we see it on our city streets and also at our cemeteries,” said Caughlan.

Despite what the cemetery says is normal, Haynes remains concerned

“That shouldn’t happen, that should not happen,” said Haynes.

Cemetery management says they encourage families to go to their office with any complaints.

They say they try to fix problems within two weeks.

They said the graves in question will be re-filled immediately.