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Man honored in DC for stopping machete attack

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Six months ago a Bakersfield, California man stepped in to stop a violent machete attack at a Starbucks. Now Blaine Hodge is being honored in Washington, D.C. with a medal from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

A man armed with a machete was attacking women Hodge didn’t know, but he stepped in and likely saved her life.

For his actions, Hodge was awarded one of the nation’s highest civilian honors for heroism. 

“To be honest, I’m still shocked,” Hodge said.

He ended up taking the blows from the machete and suffered severe stab wounds on his arms, hands, legs and torso.

“It probably wasn’t a good idea to go in barehanded,” he said. “It was a small price to pay, he slashed the tendons my hand.”

Hodge got more than 200 stitches and is still undergoing treatment. 

People say you’re so courageous and you’re so brave but it’s like when you move on compassion, you just go,” Hodges said. 

He said he appreciates being honored and he’s enjoyed traveling to the nation’s capital for the ceremonies but he said if people remember one thing about his story, he wants it to be this message:

“I think it’s not about the heroics, and don’t get me wrong, I’m really grateful for all the compliments and positive energy people are pushing my way.  But the biggest thing here is you cannot ignore domestic violence, you can’t.