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Most-sought Pokemon, state-by-state

Millions of Americans are playing Pokemon Go, a mobile game that uses augmented reality to “expose” Pokemon characters “hiding” around our real world.

The goal of the game is to “catch ’em all,” but where?

Decluttr, a company that buys old CDs and DVDs, looked through Google searches for the past month to figure out which Pokemon were sought after the most in each state. They looked for search terms using the names of Pokemon characters in the game prefaced with phrases such as “Where is…” or “How to find….”

No surprise, Pikachu is the most sought-after Pokemon (and easily the most recognized). He topped searches in six states: Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi and Rhode Island.

In second place is Eevee, a long-eared, brown fennic with a cream-colored fur collar. It’s known for adapting to its surroundings to avoid capture and apparently hardest to find in five states: Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas.

In third comes Ditto, a purple blob that can change into the shape of other objects or other Pokemon, if imperfectly. It tops searches in Alabama, Maryland, New York and South Dakota.

In Wisconsin, Pokemon Go players are hunting for Metapod, a forest-dwelling bug-type Pokemon that looks like a butterfly’s chrysalis – the only state where Metapod tops the list of searches.

Here’s the complete list of the most-sought characters. Links go to the Pokemon Pokedex website.

State Pokemon
Alabama Ditto
Alaska Eevee
Arizona Pikachu
Arkansas Charizard
California Squirtle
Colorado Porygon
Connecticut Golem
Delaware Pikachu
Florida Mewtwo
Georgia Abra
Hawaii Pikachu
Idaho Mew
Illinois Eevee
Indiana Moltres
Iowa Vaporeon
Kansas Pikachu
Kentucky Pinsir
Louisiana Electabuzz
Maine Charizard
Maryland Ditto
Massachusetts Dragonite
Michigan Gengar
Minnesota Gyarados
Mississippi Pikachu
Missouri Squirtle
Montana Bulbasaur
Nebraska Mew
Nevada Eevee
New Hampshire Abra
New Jersey Articuno
New Mexico Zapdos
New York Ditto
North Carolina Eevee
North Dakota Scyther
Ohio Dratini
Oklahoma Vulpix
Oregon Lapras
Pennsylvania Aerodactyl
Rhode Island Pikachu
South Carolina Staryu
South Dakota Ditto
Tennessee Zapdos
Texas Eevee
Utah Charmander
Vermont Persian
Virginia Onix
Washington Moltres
West Virginia Growlithe
Wisconsin Metapod
Wyoming Blastoise

Source: Decluttr