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Muncie NAACP president arrested

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — The president of the Muncie chapter of the NAACP sold cocaine to a confidential informant on several occasions, according to investigators.

Timothy Miles, 49, was arrested Wednesday by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. A probable cause affidavit stated that he sold cocaine three times. On one occasion, he is accused of trying to solicit sex for drugs.

Documents stated that Miles gave a full confession when he was arrested. Miles told investigators that he had just thrown away his career with the Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS) after 23 years of service.

On April 8, investigators claimed that Miles sold $50 worth of cocaine to the confidential informant, but turned down the money, requesting sex as payment instead. Documents claimed that Miles drove a MITS company vehicle to the meetup.

On April 9, a second deal occurred with Miles selling another $100 worth of cocaine and also receiving $50 for the deal from April 8. During this deal, Miles allegedly claimed that he was president of the NAACP in Muncie.

Documents state that a third buy occurred on April 22. Documents claim Miles groped the confidential informant during this transaction before being arrested in front of a MITS station.

When asked to exit the vehicle, Miles stated “I gave her the cocaine. I did not take any money. I am a user, not a dealer.”

Investigators said that Miles stated that he was selling the drugs to help pay his child support beginning in December 2014.

Narcotics officers said that a search of Miles’ home turned up empty, stating that Miles’ wife was “tipped off” that Miles had been arrested and that she got rid of cocaine and marijuana that had been in their residence.

Miles was arrested for three felony counts of dealing narcotics. The case now goes to the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office.