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Naloxone bill moves to Governor Pence

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A bill to require the state to distribute Naloxone, the drug to treat narcotic overdoses, passed the General Assembly Thursday.

The bill was authored by Senator Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis). According to the release, it requires the Indiana State Department of Health to order the state to dispense Naloxone.

The current law requires a doctor to write a prescription before a pharmacist can distribute the drug. This bill would allow over-the-counter sales.

It would also require pharmacies to record the amount of Naloxone distributed in a year. Ambulances wold also have to keep a record of doses distributed. They would have to include the number of times the drug has been administered.

“The passage of this bill provides a great deal of hope for for Hoosiers,” said Merritt. “We are battling a drug epidemic and the progress of this bill will help save lives across the state.”

The bill now goes to Governor Mike Pence for review.