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New traffic lights coming to Hamilton County

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Newly designed traffic lights that display only arrows will be installed throughout Hamilton County this month. The first one was installed at an intersection on U.S. 31 in Westfield.

Traffic engineers say it may take drivers some time to adapt to seeing a one column signal versus the doghouse-shaped ones.

The Hamilton County Highway Department says the new light will feature a flashing yellow caution arrow. When the arrow flashes drivers should proceed to turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. After the message flashes the solid yellow arrow will appear followed by the red one promoting motorists to make a complete stop.

The whole new system is receiving mixed reviews.

“They should hand out instruction manuals. I’m glad there is a little sign next to it explaining what’s going on. I would have no idea otherwise. I think the new design is confusing,” said Tony Sitzer.

“They are supposed to be more intuitive while offering an extra caution message. It took time for drivers to become familiar with the roundabout. We hope this change is a good one too,” Jim Neal, County Highway Engineer for Hamilton County.

Intersections receiving the new designs and samples of what they will look like are below:

  • 96th St. & Olio Rd.
  • 104th St. & Olio Rd.
  • 106th St. & College Ave.
  • 116th St. & Eller Rd.
  • 116th St. & Olio Rd.
  • 146th St. & Springmill Rd.
  • 146th St. & Oak Ridge Rd.
  • 146th St. & Rohrer Rd.
  • 146th St. & Western Way/Clay Terrace Blvd.
  • 146th St. & Cool Creek Commons
  • 146th St. & Carey Rd.
  • 146th St. & Gray Rd.
  • 146th St. & Hazeldell Rd.
  • 146th St. & Cherry Tree Rd.
  • 146th St. & River Rd.
  • 146th St. & Allisonville Rd.
  • 146th St. & Herriman Blvd.
  • 146th St. & Howe Rd.
  • 146th St. & Promise Rd.
  • 146th St.Campus Parkway & Marilyn Rd.
  • 206th St. & Cumberland Rd.
New traffic lights