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Police: Abandoned baby has infection

NORTH VERNON, Ind. (WISH) — Police said Friday the mother of a newborn boy found outside a North Vernon church likely has an infection that could be life-threatening if she doesn’t seek treatment soon.

Sgt. Andrew Richmond said police are still looking for the mom, but he said an infection was found in the baby, and it’s “very probable” that the mother has the same infection. Richmond said the baby is still healthy and is being treated for the infection, which has not yet been disclosed.

The baby, who police believe was born Thursday morning, was found Thursday evening by a pastor’s wife outside Christ’s Way Christian Church. She taped a note to the church door Friday directing people to the church’s Facebook page, where she had written a post offering prayers to the baby and his family. She also asked anyone with information to come forward, and posted links with literature on the Indiana Safe Haven Law.

The law allows a parent to leave a newborn at a firehouse, police department or emergency room. Sgt. Richmond said he was disappointed the baby was left at the church and not at the police station, a mile and a half away, or a firehouse that is even closer.

“It is kind of frustrating,” he said. “The law was placed in effect to offer protection for moms who are in a situation that they don’t feel like they have any recourse with.”

Police said they don’t know who left the baby there, but whoever did could face a child endangerment charge.

They said their top concern now is to find the mother to get her treated.

Anyone with information can call the police department at 812-346-1466.