Red Line riders asked how to bring art, IndyGo buses together

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis is participating in an national fellowship.

It’s geared toward merging art with public transportation.

In the next few months, a team of people are talking to riders on the Red Line transit buses of IndyGo.

The team will compile the riders’ stories and experiences and then transform that data into art that could eventually be installed along the Red Lne or in an exhibit.

The goal is to highlight the variety of communities the Red Line serves.

“To see what is it they care about. How do you see yourself being expressed what cultural elements are important to you?” said Danicia Malone with the Purdue University Black Cultural Center.

Malone is part of the team talking to IndyGo riders.

“It crosses through so many different communities. So many different neighborhoods. In by doing that it impacts different people in different backgrounds, different realities,” said Brittanie Redd, principal planner for land-use strategy for Indianapolis government.

Reed is also part of the team talking to bus riders.

Signs about the effort and surveys are to be posted at Red Line stops. Riders also are asked to share their experiences on social media by using #MyRideIndy.