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Reel Tok with Kayla: We’ll love you the same

We’ll love you the same

Reel Tok with Kayla: Nicole Geoffrion is a children’s book author of a co-parenting masterpiece called “We’ll love you the same”.

The book is told from the perspective of her young daughter, Mia.

Not only is it healing for children dealing with their parents’ separation and or divorce, it’s helping co-parents through this tough time as well.

It repeats the line, “Some things will change but one thing remains: Mommy and Daddy will love Mia the same.”

The illustrations are especially unique because they were created by her daughter, Mia. She loves to paint.

“A little bit of a risk, I was like oh, it’s a kid’s book without any pictures and dogs and animals and whatever else,” said Geoffrion. “I really wanted to blend my words with her illustrations to make the book ours and have little little piece of us that we can always look back on and celebrate.”

Nicole encourages others going through tough times like a separation to share those experiences with the world in your own way.

“Even if you help one family,” she explained. “At least put your talents into the world and see what it can do for people.”

She says she isn’t finished sharing her talents. There may be a “We’ll love you the same 2.0” on the horizon.

If you’d like to purchase this book, you can find it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.