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Rescue dog named Reno mayor for a day

RENO, Nevada (CNN) – A Newfoundland-Labrador mix in Reno, Nevada had quite a day last week.

“Everett” was named the city’s honorary mayor for a day on Thursday.

“Very boisterous. Very loud. He always speaks his mind,” Lisa Rosen, Everett’s adopted mom said.

Rosen said Everett was ready for the challenge of leading the city. She and Robert Stachow adopted the outgoing shelter dog two years ago.

After learning that dogs like Everett were least-likely to find a home, they started their search with a specific goal.

“We wanted to make sure that when we went out and got a dog that we got a large black dog, because we feel that they are a great addition to our family,” Robert Stachow said.

That was the beginning of the campaign trail that brought him to office.

“I commend Mayor Everett for his outstanding work in the community to raise awareness for a notable cause such as the SPCA of Northern Nevada,” Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve said.

That proclamation declared Everett honorary mayor. Mayor Schieve said Everett wouldn’t have much responsibility, but said she’s happy for his support.

“It’s a ton of fun and he’ll do a great job, I just know it,” Schieve said.

“If he was to be mayor, what his first job would be, is to make sure that every dog’s bowl has a bone,” one resident said.

He’s already making that happen. Everett got the honor to become mayor when his parents placed a winning bid of $1,100 at the SPCA’s annual charity event “An Affur to Remember.” It was a first for the auction item and Mayor Schieve says she wouldn’t mind sharing her seat again next year.

“The SPCA is doing incredible work in the community. I’m so happy to support them and this really is a creative and a great way to raise awareness,” Schieve said.

Everett ended his day back at the SPCA, where he received a “retirement package” that included a 60-pound bag of food.