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Resolution opposing RFRA passes City-County Council

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A special ordinance opposing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has passed at the Indianapolis City-County Council meeting Monday evening.

More than 100 community members chanted “no hate in our state” and thanked the council members for the passage.

Council passed the ordinance 24 to 4. Proposal 120 opposes RFRA, signed into law by Governor Mike Pence.

The resolution seeks to make Indianapolis a discrimination-free city that is open to all.

It asserts that businesses should still be held to local non-discrimination ordinances, like the human rights ordinance in Indianapolis.

“With this vote, the Council has stated simply and clearly that the people of Indianapolis are against discrimination – no exceptions,” said City-County Council President Maggie Lewis.

Concern about the law sent the state into panic mode. Several business, lawmakers, universities and other communities released letters about the consequences RFRA would have on the state collectively.

“The harm that it may do to this city and this state financially will be incalculable. We have been made a national disgrace because of bad law there is only one way to fix it and that is to repeal it,” Democratic Councillor Stephen Clay said.

Others shared the proposal shares a clear message.

“Proposal 120 sends a crystal clear message across the nation and the world that Indianapolis is a welcoming and diverse city – and we reject legislation at the state level that suggests otherwise” said Council Vice President John Barth. “The encouraging news is that local business leaders, community groups, elected officials, and Indianapolis residents are expressing their concern about RFRA and affirming what makes our city great is the diversity of our people and our welcoming hospitality.”

The proposal will be sent to the governor’s desk.