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Romanus Fest: A fusion of music, creativity, and innovation

Chris Banta, Romanus Fest

Excitement is brewing in Indianapolis as Romanus Records brings back the fifth installment of its electrifying music festival, Romanus Fest. In a candid interview, Chris Banta, the mastermind behind Romanus Records and owner of The Key of Rock, shares his passion and insights with us.

The journey of Romanus Records commenced about eight years ago when Banta, after experiencing the ins and outs of six indie record labels with his own band, decided to forge his own path. Learning from these experiences, he birthed Romanus Records, initially focusing on his band and later expanding to sign other talents and offer unique customized records, including blood-filled creations and tear-infused pieces.

Banta’s creativity took a thrilling turn when he crafted custom records for renowned bands like Fall Out Boy and even the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack, truly a testament to his boundary-pushing ingenuity. Operating primarily from Franklin, Indiana, and recently branching out to Indianapolis, Banta has curated a space for creativity and innovation.

Romanus Fest, slated for September 2nd at Black Circle Brewing Company in Indianapolis, is a testament to Banta’s vision. The festival, in its fifth year, promises a free, all-ages event with two stages, food trucks, and a lineup of nine diverse bands, creating an inclusive and electric atmosphere. It’s not just a concert – it’s an experience that transcends genres and brings people together.

Banta’s enthusiasm for the event is palpable, as he sees Romanus Fest as a culmination of the friendships and collaborations that his label has fostered over the years. It’s a homecoming for a network of bands that have toured together and created a sense of camaraderie within the industry.

From vinyl releases to unique customizations, Romanus Records and Romanus Fest are a testament to Banta’s commitment to pushing boundaries and celebrating creativity. This annual festival is a vibrant celebration of music, community, and the power of artistic innovation. With a lineup featuring bands like Pat & The Pissers, Lung, and Joshua Powell, Romanus Fest promises an unforgettable evening of musical magic.

This isn’t just a music festival – it’s a movement that showcases the synergy between music and creativity, all while creating a sense of belonging and unity among artists and music enthusiasts alike.