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Running out of ideas? 10 gifts for under $20

(MEDIA GENERAL) — Christmas is coming up fast and there’s a chance you are struggling to come up with a gift idea. We are here to help.

First, I will share some of my philosophies of gift giving. My gifts almost always fall into at least one of these categories: practical, fun and personal. I want to give a gift that the recipient will use, that they will know it is meant for them and that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

Whether it’s for family or a friend, here are 10 great gift ideas for under $20.

1. Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Ah, technology. It’s growing at an alarming pace, to the point where once unimaginable devices aren’t just available, but affordable. A wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great utility to have around the house, especially when working in the garage or the kitchen. And you can find them for shockingly cheap, like this iHome mini-speaker available at Target for $12.

2. Bath bombs

This is a new twist on the bath salts in a coffee mug gift. Bath bombs, like these available from Target, will help your recipient unwind in a warm bath with moisturizing oils and bath salts. They come in a variety of scents, too, so pick the one best suited for your gift recipient.

3. Super-sleek wooden block alarm clock

“Dude, why do you just have a small block of wood sitting on your end table?” -claps- “Whoa! That’s awesome!”

This alarm clock will display the time, date and temperature after being activated by your voice or a sound. This clock looks great and is super affordable. Some models are less than $10 on Amazon.

4. A book about their hobby

What is one of your friend’s favorite hobbies? Maybe they really enjoy grilling or gardening. Let them know that you are thinking of them when purchasing a gift and support them as they pursue their interests.

5. Movie night starter kit

This is a great gift idea for someone who is a friend or a-little-more-than-a-friend: a movie night starter kit. You supply all of the necessities: microwave popcorn, candy (large bag of Reese’s Pieces recommended), and a bottle of wine make for a fun night. Netflix password sold separately.

6. Funko POP figure

Do you have a friend that has an obsession? Harry Potter? Batman? Game of Thrones? Funko POP figures are a fun way to give a gift you know your friend will love. Most models are less than $10 on Amazon.

7. 2017 planner

Do you know what is less fun than a Funko POP figure? A daily planner. But do you know what is way more practical than a Funko POP figure? A daily planner.

There are plenty of smart, affordable options you can find online. Find one that matches your gift recipient’s personality. And spend more if you’d rather have it customized.

8. Their next favorite book

Is your gift recipient a voracious reader? A new book could be a great gift. What type of books do they enjoy? Try to stick to a genre or a favorite author. Do they have a specific interest? Between your local bookstore and the internet, you’re bound to find something that your recipient will want to read.

9. Clothes hangers

First, let me preface this by saying I’m well aware clothes hangers are not a great gift, but they might be the right gift. Think about it: everyone gets new clothes for Christmas, but do they always get more hangers to add to their closet? Hardly ever. Let them know you are thinking about the health of their closets.NOTE: This gift is advised only for those who will understand the meaning behind the gift and see its true message. Otherwise, get those ungrateful jerks a gift card and be done with it.

10. Spirits!

When all else fails, alcohol. Get your friends their favorite bottle of wine or a six-pack of their favorite beer. It’s a can’t-miss gift.