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Tech trends key for spring break travel

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – Many people are probably counting down the days until spring break this month.

Before you head out the door, travel experts say there are many tech trends you need to know about before you take your trip.

Mobile is booming. The one thing you won’t want to do while traveling this spring break or in the future is forget or lose your phone. That’s because your boarding passes, train tickets and even bank cards and room keys could be stored on your cell phone.

TripCase is just one helpful trip organizer that will notify you of any delays or cancellations and also help you pull up e-tickets on your phone. TripCase can also already integrate with Android Wear devices if you’re into the wearable technology trend.

Your phone can also be your wallet with some travel apps like taxi services Uber and Hailo and last-minute hotel service HotelTonight, with built-in payment functions. Apple Pay also continues to expand in big travel destinations.

Finally some hotels, including Starwood SPG and Hilton Honors, will be rolling out mobile phone keys this year. That means you’ll be able to walk straight into your room with just one tap.

If you really want to turn some heads in the airport, you might want to pre-order the first smart luggage. BlueSmart has created a suitcase that weighs itself. You can also lock, unlock, and track it via GPS on your smart phone. There’s also a built-in phone charger, but the pre-order price is $299.