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Terre Haute boy becomes honorary police officer

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – If your loved one was in danger, what would you do to save them?

It was the quick thinking of 9-year-old Perry Edington, Jr. that gave him the title of honorary police officer Tuesday night.

A room at the Terre Haute Police Department, filled with smiling faces of family, friends and city police officers, was quite the scene for Perry, and they were all there to celebrate him.

Terre Haute Police Chief, John Plasse, honored Perry with his own police badge and identification card. The audience applauded and cheered as Perry smiled humbly with his dad at his side.

When Perry was 8 years old, a convicted sex offender tried to harm his little sister. He quickly noticed his sister’s life was in danger and immediately alerted his parents. His parents called the police.

The person who tried to harm Perry’s sister is now behind bars.

His heroic actions to save his sister’s life left a great impact on the Terre Haute Police Department.

“I don’t think he realizes what all he did yet because he’s young,” says John Plasse, police chief. “It feels great for me to honor him this way because I know what he’s done is tremendous, what he did and his actions that day”.

While Perry appeared shy in front of cameras, he made it clear what he plans to do as an honorary police officer.

“Arrest people,” Perry said.

When asked if he was going to arrest people, like the ones who tried to hurt his sister, he quickly nodded his head without hesitation.