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Texas lawmaker: Gun laws are not a solution to mass shootings, prayers are

Photo of Texas lawmaker Matt Schaefer. (Provided Photo/CNN)

TYLER, Texas (CNN) — A Texas state lawmaker says stricter gun laws are not a solution to mass shootings, but he says prayer is one.

Republican Matt Schaefer made a Facebook post hours after Saturday’s rampage in west Texas.

He said that what he called “the so-called gun control solutions” will not stop a person with evil intent.

Schaefer posted that he’s against universal background checks and other proposed gun control laws.

Instead, he said people should pray for gun violence victims and for protection.

In another post, the state congressman said the root of the problem is in what he called “Godless, depraved hearts.”

Saturday’s shooting spree left seven people dead and 22 others wounded.

It happened less than a month after other mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.