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‘UnPHILtered’: Purdue researchers studying movement of cancer cells

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Purdue University researchers say they are making strides in the fight against cancer.

Professor Bumsoo Han, a Purdue cancer researcher, joined News 8’s “UnPHILtered” on Thursday night to talk about his team’s latest findings.

They looked into how cancer cells move through the body and how that can be applied to cancer treatment going forward.

“The direction we are moving is now we understand how cells sense and then decide which direction they are moving. So, now we are trying to control it so that whether we can stop the cancer cell migration at the other angle,” Han said.

Han and his team have worked on cancer research for more than eight years, and about five years for this specific project. He says they are not only trying to stop the cancer invasion but also want to promote the immune cell migration into the tumor.

“So far, we tested on the several cancer cell types. We can kind of predict the cellular behavior very precisely as well as see the working mechanisms as well. So, we are trying to expand to see if it’s applicable toward the more broader cancer type as well,” he said.