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Video: Indiana farmer cuts ‘TRUMP’ into field

NEW CASTLE, Ind. (WISH) — A New Castle farmer is showing his support for Donald Trump in a big way.

Kade Kroger of L&K Farms cut his field to spell out the GOP presidential candidate’s last name.

Kroger told 24-Hour News 8 he wasn’t able to make it to Trump’s event Wednesday in Indianapolis, but he wanted to let others know who he’s backing.

“I was out finishing fields to prepare them for planting corn, and I thought it might be a fun way to show my support for Mr. Trump in the upcoming primary election,” he explained when asked about his inspiration for the idea.

He said it took about 20 minutes to cut the letters out with a tractor.

After shooting a drone video to show off his efforts, he continued work on the field and the letters are no longer visible.