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Watch: Siberian Husky blows bubbles in water dish to beat the heat

BROOKLYN PARK, MN (WCBD) – The hot weather can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re a Siberian Husky covered in a thick fur coat.

Siberian Husky Maya captured the hearts of millions when her owner posted a video of her blowing bubbles in her water dish.

Kent Duryee from Minnesota posted a video of his dog Maya blowing bubbles in her water dish to stay cool.

 “I was smoking a couple of baby back ribs on the grill and turned around to see Maya’s face in her water dish blowing bubbles,” said Duryee.

“Pearson doesn’t get the whole bubble thing but he’s keenly interested in the ribs,” Duryee wrote in the May 31 post.

The video post has more than 6 million views on Facebook.