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Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.


Nike is transforming one of its most popular sneakers into face shields for healthcare workers.

The face shields are made from certain materials from Nike’s Air sneakers, including the padding and soles.

Nike’s goals, it says, it to reproduce a face shield similar to those being used at Oregon Health & Science University but made from Nike-owned materials and equipment from its manufacturing facilities.

Grocery robots

Local grocers and big chains alike are deploying robots to clean floors, stock shelves and deliver groceries to shoppers during the coronavirus.

Grocers are searching for ways to reduce pressure on store workers and increase efficiency amid a surge of shoppers visiting stores and ordering online during the crisis.

They believe robots and AI offer solutions that can help them bring down costs and improve store operations and keep workers healthy.

Bank of America

In response to COVI-19, Bank of America is offering payment deferrals for home loans, auto loans and credit cards for up to 90 days.

Interest will continue to accrue on all loans, and any missed payments will be tacked onto the end of home and auto loans.


Microsoft offers free Skype video chat as Zoom’s privacy is being called into question.

It’s reminding Skype users that the app has a meet now feature that should work just as easily as Zoom.

Meet Now supports free video conference calls and doesn’t require a Microsoft account to get started.