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Woman robbed and assaulted after winning at casino

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – A local woman said she was lucky when she won big at Indiana Grand Casino until she was robbed and assaulted.

Miachun Glenn said she was winning on the slot machines when she befriended a woman. The two gambled for hours, before deciding to travel together to Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg.  They continued to gamble throughout the night and into the next day.

The slot machines treated Glenn well. She kept playing throughout the night continuing to win large amounts of money.

“I felt pretty good that day because I was winning money,” said Glenn.

While playing in Shelbyville, she bonded with the woman. The woman helped Glenn, who has health problems and a trachea tube.

“She went and got me something to eat, something to drink and I just thought this person was a really nice person,” said Glenn.

According to Glenn, after hours at the Indiana Grand Casino, the two left for Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg.

“At the time I did feel safe because we had been in the casino for a while and she had got me food and got me drinks and was sitting and playing with me,” said Glenn.

After winning again, Glenn and her new friend headed back to Indiana Grand, when the woman attacked her and took Glenn’s bag of winnings..

“I hit on the back of this car (saying) ‘Hey! Hey! Don’t do this,’” said Glenn.

Glenn claimed the suspect tried to run her over. “When she hit me with the car, I grabbed on to the back where the window and trunk open, and held on,” Glenn said. “She put the car in forward and she drug me through that garage.”

Glenn eventually let go. She suffered a concussion, bruises and scratches, but she managed to survive.

“Money can be replaced, but my life couldn’t be replaced,” said Glenn.

Indiana Grand security advised winners to take their winnings home in the form of a check and to request security for a vehicle escort, that is provided free of charge.

Shelbyville Police said they have narrowed the suspects down. They plan to name the person responsible on Thursday.

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