Wrong statements by lawmaker on solar energy stir backlash

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The third-ranking state Senate Republican wrongly said that an Indiana financial incentive for installing solar panels would disappear unless lawmakers supported his bill to revamp it.

At least one lawmaker says he voted for Sen. Brandt Hershman’s measure in committee based partly on the inaccurate information.

The bill would sharply curtail the benefit that homeowners, churches, businesses and schools reap from using solar panels.

Hershman wrongly said that everyone who currently benefits from a state “net metering” program would be kicked off once a cap was met.

That’s not true and prompted concern from some of the roughly 1,000 utility customers in Indiana who get credit on their bill.

Hershman retreated from the comments in a statement Friday.

The measure could come up for a full Senate vote this week.

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