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Most Trusted Psychics 2024: Get Accurate Readings From Proven Experts

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It’s natural to internalize your problems and think no one understands. 

But if you’re open to trying something new, we know websites with trusted psychics that can help with any problem you might have. 

In fact, we know where to find cheap trusted psychics if your budget happens to be one of those problems. 

So, if you’re willing to trade in your worry for a solution, keep reading to discover renowned platforms like Purple Garden that offer an excellent opportunity to begin your healing and spiritual journey.

Trusted Psychics Online

First Look 

  1. Purple Garden – Most trusted psychics overall ($10 OFF)
  2. Kasamba – Most trusted psychics for love (50% OFF)
  3. Keen – #1 mobile app with trusted psychics (10 mins for $1.99)
  4. AskNow – Cheap trusted psychics at $1 per minute (5 FREE mins)
  5. California Psychics – Most highly screened and trusted psychics ($1/min)
  6. Purple Ocean – Most trusted psychics via video (flat rates)
  7. Psychic Source – Trusted psychics for spiritual readings ($1/min)
  8. Oranum – Trusted psychics for free live chat
  9. Psychic Oz – Most experienced trusted psychics (3 FREE mins)
  10. Mysticsense – Most trusted psychics for LGBTQ+ inquiries (5 FREE mins)
  11. Purple Tides – Best guidance from multiple trusted psychics (as low as $5/reading)

Sometimes, problems arise that can’t be solved by logic, the laws of society, or money. At such times, the only useful wisdom is often spiritual or psychic. 

But if you’re not psychic and don’t know anyone who is, where can you go for that kind of special guidance? 

If you have a problem that seems beyond your current understanding, we know where to find trusted psychics to help. 

Let’s begin with our #1 platform, Purple Garden.

1. Purple Garden – Most Trusted Psychics Overall 


  • Prices start at $0.99 per minute
  • Highly screened & trusted psychics
  • Transparent customer reviews
  • $10 matching credit for new customers
  • Bilingual English/Spanish platform 


  • Online chat, audio, and video readings are priced differently

If you’re looking for trusted psychics, just ask Purple Garden’s customers. They voted Purple Garden gives the most accurate readings online.

If you’re also looking for cheap trusted psychics, they have that covered, too, with prices starting at only $0.99 per minute


With 1,000+ trusted psychics to choose from, Purple Garden’s easy-to-use search filter comes in handy by allowing you to select a reader by specialty, reading type, price, and more. 

The transparent customer reviews are also helpful to ensure you’re getting a trusted psychic. 

Once you pick a reader, you can start with a $10 matching credit and continue with standard prices starting at $0.99 per minute. 

Add multiple formats, a bilingual platform, and continuing promo codes, and you might end up as a trusted customer of the trusted psychics at Purple Garden. 

Gifted Psychics 

Mystic Goddess is a clairvoyant and tarot reader specializing in relationship counseling. She’s done over 5,500 readings with 1,600+ positive reviews. 

Lejla Kristal is a crystal ball reader and clairvoyant. She’s done over 8,200 readings and has 2,900+ positive reviews. 

Final Verdict 

When it comes to cheap trusted psychics, Purple Garden has everything covered with their customer-voted most accurate psychics and prices starting at only $0.99 per minute. 

>>Get a $10 credit on Purple Garden.

2. Kasamba – Most Trusted Psychics for Love 


  • Best love readings
  • 3 minutes free with 3 different psychics
  • 3 free minutes plus 50% off
  • $50 Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 300+ trusted psychics for love 


  • Email readings take 24 hours

Love is entirely about trust, which would explain why the love psychics at Kasamba are some of the most trusted psychics online. 

Plus, with all their free minutes deals, they also have a lot of cheap trusted psychics as well.    


If love is on your mind, Kasamba has a trusted psychic for you, no matter what Cupid may have done when you were vulnerable. 

They also have the best cheap trusted psychics with a Best Match Guarantee, giving you 3 free minutes with 3 different psychics, plus 3 more free minutes and 50% off your first reading.

Add a satisfaction guarantee for up to $50 worth of time, a full Articles section, and hundreds of trusted psychics and Kasamba is exactly the dependable site you’re looking for.  

Gifted Psychics 

PsychicHermes is a pure psychic who works without tools. He’s a love expert and has amassed over 24,500 readings in his time on Kasamba. 

Danielle Psychic is a clairaudient love psychic who works with her spirit guides. She has over 14,700 reviews during her time at Kasamba. 

Final Verdict 

When it comes to love, Kasamba has plenty of advice from trusted psychics, plus they’ll also seduce your love of savings. 

>>Get 3 free minutes on Kasamba   

3. Keen – #1 Mobile App for Trusted Psychics 


  • 1,700+ trusted psychics
  • “Readings 101” feature
  • Dependable mobile app.
  • 3 minutes Free
  • 10 minutes for $1.99 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions 

In the 21st century, instant info is essential if you want to stay ahead. 

With the most dependable mobile app online, Keen allows you to keep in touch with your most trusted advisors 24/7, so no problem will ever get the best of you.


To get the most from your psychic session, you should begin by reading “The Ultimate Guide to Psychic Readings,” included in Keen’s “Readings 101” feature. 

After that, you’ll be a true ace as you deftly negotiate the search filter and immerse yourself in all the transparent reader profiles listing everything you need to know. 

Once you choose a reader, you’ll get your first 3 minutes free and an additional 10 minutes for only $1.99

If you’re in a rush, Keen can keep up with a superior mobile app that allows you to search, schedule sessions, leave messages, and even get callbacks on the go if a reader is busy. 

Gifted Psychics 

Chelsea Hope is an amazingly accurate clairvoyant who has done over 8,400 readings with an overall customer rating of 4.9/5. 

Cosmic Advice is a psychic astrologer who wants to help you find the right path. She’s done over 11,000 readings with a 4.7/5 overall rating. 

Final Verdict 

When it comes to variety, pricing, and keeping you in touch with your fave readers 24/7, Keen is the definition of the best cheap trusted psychics online. 

>>Get 3 free minutes on Keen 

4. AskNow – Most Affordable Trusted Psychics


  • The best $1 per minute offers
  • Over 17 years online
  • 5 free minutes
  • 1 free email question with a live psychic
  • Psychic Spotlight feature 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee only refunds 5 minutes

For more than 17 years, AskNow has provided the most trusted psychics and the best $1 per minute deals so you can keep to your budget. 


If you like to browse, AskNow has an efficient search filter and transparent reader profiles that will let you prowl around to your heart’s content. 

If you prefer things to be simpler, the Psychic Profile feature also gives you a short list of 11 top psychics to make a quick pick. Either way, you’ll end up with an accurate and trusted psychic.

After that, AskNow also has some cheap trusted psychics deals with a pair of $1 per minute packages, 5 free minutes, and 1 free email question with a live psychic. 

Gifted Psychics 

Amata is a master psychic that empowers you to be the creator of your own life. She specializes in career and goals and has done over 1,700 readings. 

Psychic Star Marie is another master psychic. She specializes in improving your energy flow and has done over 2,800 readings. 

Final Verdict 

When it comes to new customer discounts, easy searching, and years of experience, AskNow has no peers. The site has been a popular hangout for trusted psychics for over 17 years. 

>>Get 5 free minutes on AskNow 

5. California Psychics – Most Highly Screened and Trusted Psychics 


  • Detailed search filter
  • Screened and trusted psychics
  • 20-minute discount deals
  • Large, informative blog
  • Online since 1995


  • No video option 

For more than 28 years, California Psychics has not only been providing dependable and trusted psychics to over a generation of seekers, but they’ve been honoring folks’ budgets as well.  


With a fast and comprehensive search filter, California Psychics makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what you want in a reader. 

There are also 3 different 20-minute intro deals for new customers starting at $1 per minute

Add to that their reputation for highly screened, trusted psychics, free horoscopes, and a blog with tons of info on everything psychic and spiritual, and California Psychics has all you need. 

Gifted Psychics 

Reia is a clairvoyant who provides hope, clarity, and peace. She has done over 7,600 readings with a 4.7/5 overall customer rating. 

Coral is a channeler that clears blockages that hold you back. She’s done over 7,800 readings with a 4.7 overall rating. 

Final Verdict 

Since 1995, California Psychics has been known for trusted psychics, great introductory offers, and a tradition that you can depend on when you need insightful guidance. 

>>Get $1 per minute on California Psychics 

6. Purple Ocean – Most Trusted Psychics via Video 


  • $10 readings
  • Customized video readings
  • 1-hour delivery service
  • Free phone app.
  • Live video option


  • Live readings only via phone

Purple Ocean is a sister site to Purple Garden and provides customized, app-based video readings by trusted psychics via phone or tablet. 


If you’re super busy but still need a reading, Purple Ocean provides customized video readings that you can watch on your smartphone or tablet. 

Just browse the readers on the site, send one a written question via the link on their profile, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive a 3-minute recorded video with a detailed psychic answer. 

The whole thing only costs $10, though if you’re in a rush and need it sooner, a 1-hour delivery service is available for $15. 

You can also get live readings via online audio or video starting at $0.99 per minute, but those are done through the Purple Garden site. 

Gifted Psychics 

Healer Shweta is a tarot expert with over 2,400 positive reviews and a 99.5% on-time delivery rate for videos. 

Luna Fortuna is a multi-oracle master. She has over 1,100 positive reviews with a 100% on-time delivery rate for videos. 

Final Verdict 

Purple Ocean has trusted psychics who will record an answer to your written question and deliver a prepared video within 24 hours for only $10 when you can’t find time for a reading. 

>> $10 per reading on Purple Ocean 

7. Psychic Source – Trusted Psychics for Spiritual Readings 


  • Online over 30 years
  • 3 minutes free
  • Top spiritual readings
  • Readings start at $0.83 per minute
  • “Find a Psychic” Filter 


  • Free minutes only for new customers 

If you’re having a spiritual crisis, the trusted psychics at Psychic Source have been delivering spiritual wisdom to those in need for over 30 years. 

They’ve also been mindful of those on a budget by offering free minutes and other new customer discounts. 


When you have great deals, you should flaunt them, which is why the “Get a Reading” button on the homepage leads you right to Psychic Source’s free minutes and $1 per minute deals

Once you realize how cheap it is to see a trusted psychic, you can engage the quick, easy “Find a Psychic” filter to get 3 cheap trusted psychics in seconds. 

If, by some slim chance, your reading isn’t what you hoped, Psychic Source also has a satisfaction guarantee for 20 minutes to get you spiritually back on track. 

Gifted Psychics 

Raquel is a medium specializing in spiritual love connections. She’s done over 43,000 readings and lives for bringing people together. 

Leota is a clairsentient love psychic who has done over 30,000 readings at Psychic Source. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for a psychic site with a legacy, Psychic Source has all the experience, deals, and trusted psychics you need to straighten out any spiritual dilemma. 

>>Get 3 free minutes on Psychic Source 

8. Oranum –Trusted Psychics for Free Live Chat 


  • Readings start at $0.99 per minute.
  • Customers vote for the best psychics
  • Free live chat room
  • $9.99 Free Credit
  • Trusted psychics for free chat 


  • Confusing “Coins” payment system

With a free live chat room that lets you discover cheap trusted psychics at your leisure, the free minutes concept used by many sites is a regular feature rather than a perk on Oranum.


Oranum has singlehandedly resurrected the classic face-to-face reading online. 

The free live chat room is a perfect example with its innovative approach that lets you have 1 free video chat question with as many online psychics as you’d like. You can even just watch for a while if you don’t feel like participating. 

When you’re ready for your reading, standard prices start as low as $0.99 per minute, and there’s a free $9.99 free credit for all new customers

Gifted Psychics 

The Alchemist is a medium and reiki master specializing in cleansing negative energy. Currently, she is one of Oranum’s top psychics for the month. 

AnnaSimone is a 3rd generation psychic and crystal ball reader. Currently, she is one of Oranum’s top psychics this month. 

Final Verdict 

With a free live chat room, low prices, and a $9.99 introductory discount, Oranum is undoubtedly the poster site for cheap trusted psychics. 

>>Get a $9.99 free credit on Oranum 

9. Psychic Oz – Most Experienced Trusted Psychics 


  • First 3 minutes free
  • 30+ years online
  • $1 per minute  deals
  • Satisfaction Guarantee for 20 minutes
  • Readings by phone, chat, video, and email 


  • Only 1 question per email

Everything old is new again at Psychic Oz with the classic, trusted psychics you’ve come to expect combined with cutting-edge discount deals and multiple reading formats. 


With over 100 trusted psychics available to answer your questions, Psychic Oz is committed to helping you discover your highest spiritual possibilities. 

Their versatile readers offer various subjects, tools, and abilities to choose from and are conveniently classified into customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars. 

Not only will you get the first 3 minutes of your initial reading free, but there’s also a pair of $1 per minute deals to keep things going. 

Gifted Psychics

Charlotte is a psychic tarot reader specializing in love and relationships. She has over 100 reviews with a 4.9/5 overall rating. 

Serena is a clairvoyant empath and a customer favorite at Psychic Oz. She has over 150 reviews with a 4.8/5 overall rating. 

Final Verdict 

Psychic Oz is the true definition of a classic in the online psychic reading world. The site has over 30 years of experience, cheap trusted psychics, and several new customer discounts 

>>Get 3 minutes free on Psychic Oz 

10. Mysticsense – Most Trusted Psychics for LGBTQ+ Inquiries 


  • 5 minutes free
  • Multiple formats
  • Lowest everyday prices
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 


  • Not all advisors do phone, chat, and video

Online only since 2020, Mysticsense is the new kid on the block in this review. 

However, with 5 minutes free, 750+ trusted psychics, free instructional videos, and a dedicated LGBTQ category, they’re introducing some new classics of their own. 


With a simple yet effective search feature, you can browse for your perfect psychic match by selecting the badge, specialty, tool, and reading style you prefer. 

Once you select a reader, you’ll get 5 free minutes to start and everyday low prices that average between $0.99 and $2.99 per minute. 

In addition to their specialized LGBTQ+ readings, Mysticsense offers free AI tarot readings for your amusement. 

Gifted Psychics 

Readings by Rita is a reiki healer who seeks to empower her customers. She has over 120 reviews and can read in multiple formats.

Master Enigma is a psychic life coach and a love and relationship expert. He has over 240 positive customer reviews. 

Final Verdict 

Mysticsense is a young site with low prices, 5 free minutes, and some unique features like LGBTQ+ readings for the soul and AI tarot readings to keep you amused. 

>> Get 5 minutes free on Mysticsense 

11. Purple Tides – Best Guidance From Multiple Trusted Psychics  


  • Only $5 per reading
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • 5 psychic perspectives at once
  • Highly screened psychics
  • Readings 24/7 


  • Videos are pre-recorded

Instead of meeting one-on-one with a live psychic who could be wrong, Purple Tides asks you to submit a written question so that you can receive replies from 5 different psychics.  


If browsing online sites for the right psychic gives you anxiety, Purple Tides can save you that aggravation by automatically offering you the opinions of 5 trusted psychics

It works by submitting your inquiry in writing, after which Purple Tides will give it to 5 of their most trusted psychics for their individual opinions. 

Purple Tides guarantees it will only cost $5, and you’ll get all 5 answers within 24 hours or your money back. Now, that’s the true definition of cheap trusted psychics. 

Gifted Psychics 

You don’t get to pick any psychics on Purple Tides. They pick their most trusted psychics for you, and then you choose the response that makes the most sense to you. 

Final Verdict 

Having several trusted psychics answer your question instead of just 1 provides you with the broadest possible psychic perspective. At only $5, it’s also the cheap trusted psychics’ bargain of the century. 

>>Get a reading for $5 on Purple Tides 

What Is a Psychic Reading? 

A psychic reading is when you consult with someone with extrasensory abilities and ask them to answer questions about what’s going on in your life. 

The popular fallacy is that psychic readings predict the future when what usually happens is that the psychic will instead offer guidance, advice, and enlightened insights to help you.

How To Tell if You’re Working With a Trustworthy Psychic 

Like ordinary people, not every psychic you encounter is honest and trustworthy. If you want the most out of your psychic reading, ensuring the reader you’re working with has integrity and is committed to the ideal of service is essential. 

Here are some things to look for to ensure you work with a trustworthy psychic.

Consistent and Accurate Predictions 

For the most part, the idea of psychics predicting things is overblown. That’s because a prediction doesn’t consider your free will in the situation. 

What’s more important in a psychic’s accuracy is their ability to assess your situation and give you the proper advice and guidance to help you find your own solution. 

Empathy and Genuine Concern 

Nothing human is alien to the most trusted psychics. That’s because they can feel your spirit and the psychic forces around you trying to push you toward the darkness or the light. 

The best psychics can see where your soul wants to go, and they will compassionately help you deal with what’s necessary to get there. 

Ethical Behavior and Transparency 

A genuine psychic should never have an agenda during a reading, whether that means making you agree with their feelings or trying to turn you into a cash cow. 

A psychic is there to guide you to better understand what your soul truly needs, not to manipulate you for any other purpose.

Positive Reputation and Reviews 

Unlike other professions that can be rated by an objective standard, psychic readings can only be judged by how well the psychic connects with you and how accurate their advice turns out to be. 

That’s why the best psychics usually build their reputation based on word of mouth and customer reviews rather than marketing or advertising. 

Respect for Boundaries and Beliefs 

The best and most trusted psychics will never force you to accept what they’re saying or press you to do something against your will. 

If a person insists on not following their advice, a good psychic will let them make the mistakes they need to to learn. 

Clear Communication and Understanding

The best psychics will advise you based on what you’re capable of hearing. To do that, the psychic must understand why you have come to see them and what you need to hear to evolve beyond your current difficulties. 

Focus on Guidance and Empowerment 

The role of a psychic is to foster a greater harmony between the known and unknown within you so that consulting with them can help evolve you toward your highest vibration. 

A great psychic will never tell you what to do. Instead, they will advise you of the likely outcomes and let you make your own choice.

>>Get $10 OFF from our #1 pick 

Trusted Psychics Online – Our Selection Process 

We looked at several factors in determining which sites had the most trusted psychics and the most affordable or cheap psychics online

These are some of the things we thought were extremely important in selecting the most trusted psychics online. 

Screening Process and Experience 

Before we were willing to say that any site had either trusted psychics or cheap trusted psychics, we first ensured that the site screened its readers ahead of time. 

To determine a site’s experience, we began by looking at its readers. Not necessarily how many years of experience each reader claimed to have, but rather how many readings they had done on the site and what the customers had to say.

The experience of a site is reflected in the readers they retain overtime on the platform. 

Contact Methods and Specialties 

With online psychic readings now available worldwide and in different languages, it’s important that a site has a wide variety of contact methods and specialties. 

Contact methods such as online chat, phone psychic readings, audio readings via smartphone, tablet, and laptop, video calls, and email readings are formats that every professional site should offer. 

As far as specialties go, the subjects and reading types offered should reflect the diversity of the worldwide audience these sites are trying to connect with. 

For instance, different types of astrology from around the world rather than just Western astrology. 

Discounts and Satisfaction Guarantee 

Overall, we were looking for the sites with the most trusted psychics, but we know people are generally more interested in finding cheap trusted psychics. 

As a result, we looked very closely at the discounts each site offers and their satisfaction guarantee. 

For us to agree that a site had cheap trusted psychics, there had to be free psychic readings and discounted minutes for new customers, typically low prices, and rewards programs for repeat customers.

A satisfaction guarantee is also important because, with something as non-exact as a psychic reading, the provider has to take some form of responsibility if significant errors should occur. 

>>Get $10 OFF from our #1 pick 

Getting Your Psychic Reading – Buyers Guide 

If you’ve never had a psychic reading, finding a place to get one online can be confusing. 

As a result, we’ve compiled a mini list of some things to be aware of as you search for a trusted psychic and a quality reading online. 

Experience and Customer Reviews 

To determine the experience of a psychic site, make sure to check the following; 

  • How many years has the site been online?
  • Do they advertise that they screen their readers?
  • How many readers are available on the site?
  • Do they have their readers grouped by ability, experience, and price?
  • How easy is it to search for readers? 

Regarding customer reviews, each reader on the site must have their profile with all their recent customer reviews (good and bad) available. 

This is important because there is no better way to see how well a psychic does their job than by reading customer reviews. 

Satisfaction Guarantee and Free Minutes 

Although psychic readings can be very powerful, they are not an exact science, and sometimes they can be unsuccessful.

If a psychic has treated you poorly, or your reading was very unsatisfying, a site must have a satisfaction guarantee to protect you. 

Usually, these guarantees will refund you with time to be used toward another reading rather than cash.

Most top sites also offer free minutes with cheap trusted psychics to attract new customers.

If it’s your first reading, free minutes can be an essential aid in helping you get comfortable with a reader. Longer free-minute deals, in turn, allow you to try out a psychic for a little bit to see if there’s a connection before you commit to a fully paid reading. 

Contact Methods and Services 

The best professional psychic sites usually offer a variety of contact methods and services. 

The most common contact methods include online chat readings, phone readings, audio readings via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, video calls, and email readings.

The best sites also offer a wide range of services, including a large selection of subjects and reading types.  

>>Get $10 OFF from our #1 pick 

Frequently Asked Questions   

Here is a list of some common questions that are asked by people interested in the subject of psychic readings. 

How Much Do Psychic Readings Cost? 

Psychic readings are charged by the minute and start as low as $0.99 per minute or less and go as high as $29.99 per minute or more.

There are also cheap trusted psychics you can consult with the free and discounted minutes offered by many sites as promotions to new customers. 

Can Psychics Make Mistakes? 

Yes, even the best and most trusted psychics can make mistakes. That’s why many top sites offer satisfaction guarantees that allow you to re-use the time you spent on a bad reading. 

Can I Speak to Psychics for Free? 

Yes, it is possible to find cheap trusted psychics for free with the free minutes deals offered by many sites to new customers. 

Can Psychics Be Trusted? 

While many psychics can be trusted, others can’t. 

The best psychics online are usually trustworthy because their psychic abilities tend to develop hand in hand with their maturing spiritual awareness. 

How Do Trusted Psychics Read You?

Some trusted psychics read you using only their pure psychic abilities, like clairvoyance or mediumship, while others combine their natural abilities with tools like tarot or astrology. 

What Questions Should I Ask During an Online Psychic Reading? 

These are some common questions that can be asked during a psychic reading. Examples include: 

  • Is my current partner the person I will marry?
  • Can I trust a particular person at work?
  • Should I leave my job for a new one I’ve just been offered?
  • Is this the right time to buy a new home?
  • Is the person I feel attracted to also attracted to me? 

Why Should You Get a Psychic Reading Online? 

It’s good to get a psychic reading online when you feel overwhelmed by a problem you have thought about from every possible angle, yet you can’t find a solution. 

It’s also wise to get a psychic reading when you feel compelled to ask spiritual or metaphysical questions about your dreams or any other unusual phenomenon you have encountered. 

>>Get $10 OFF from our #1 pick

Wrapping Up 

Since ancient times, people have turned to trusted psychics to explain the unknown, both within themselves and in the world.

Now, psychic readings have become much more mainstream, and people are asking psychics about everything from financial investments to dating strategies.

If you’re looking for a legit site to get a reading with a trusted psychic, we hope this article has been helpful.

Our top pick is Purple Garden. Whether you’re an English or Spanish speaker, they offer accurate readings, low prices, 1,000+ trusted psychics, and a $10 matching credit.

However, a trusted psychic is probably waiting for you, whichever site you choose.

But remember, while valuable for providing insights and guidance, psychic readings should be regarded as a form of intuitive interpretation rather than absolute truth.