Indianapolis Colts

2 Colts fans react to choice of Jeff Saturday as interim head coach

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Fan reaction has been mixed to the Colts decision to name Jeff Saturday as interim head coach, but, through the good and the bad, the through line has been shock by the choice of an inexperienced coach.

Ray Bridges, a Colts Super Fan, said, “My first reaction was ‘Say what!?’ No one would have expected that with his lack of coaching experience.”

Bridges said the more he thought about it, the more he got on board with team owner Jim Irsay’s idea.

“I think what Irsay is looking for is leadership,” Bridges said, “someone that can lead the franchise, lead the team, lead the coaching staff. Jeff Saturday is a leader.”

Rick Stevens, who is also known as the Colts’ Caveman, said, “‘Shock’ is what it came down to. Jim Irsay, Mr. Irsay, has never fired a coach midseason. This is a first. He must have been really fed up with what was going on.”

Stevens prides himself on always being positive when it comes to the Colts. He said he is sorry for former coach Frank Reich and excited to see where this decision will lead the team at the back end of the season.

“I believe anybody should get a shot. He knows football,” Stevens said of Saturday. “First and foremost, do you know football? Do you understand the game? The man knows the game.”

Stevens said this coaching chance could turn around the Colts 3-5-1 season.

“If he fixes the offensive line, it’s an easy turnaround. Our defense is playing great. Our defensive line is getting after the quarterback,” Stevens said. “Our defensive backs and our linebackers are making the tackles. Just the offensive line is where it stems. If we can’t stop a pass rush or make holes for Johnathan Taylor or any of our running backs, then we’re not going anywhere. If we can’t score points, we can’t win.”