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Great conditions incoming for outdoor fun on Earth Day

Drew Narsutis’ 6 p.m. Sunday Forecast – 4/21/2024


Chilly serenity wraps up the weekend as temperatures dip to a brisk 38 degrees under clear skies. Gentle west winds at 6 to 8 mph add a light whisper to the quiet night, heralding the week ahead.


As we honor our planet, Monday greets us with a sunny embrace, reaching a high near 65. The atmosphere reflects the Earth Day spirit, remaining clear with just a breath of southwest wind at 6 to 8 mph, perfect for an outdoor celebration of our shared home.


Partly cloudy skies roll in, with the thermometer settling around 47 degrees. Winds pick up from the south southwest, gusting to 22 mph, as if to sweep in a new dawn of environmental mindfulness.


Clouds gather as the day progresses, with showers likely post-2pm. Highs hover around 67 degrees amidst a breezy backdrop, southwest winds asserting themselves at 21 mph, gusting up to 29 mph. There’s a 60% chance that these winds will carry the promise of rain, a reminder of nature’s unpredictable dance.


The symphony of potential storms continues, especially before 8 pm. The temperature takes a modest dip to 42 degrees, while the southwest winds, now shifting to the west, hold strong between 16 to 20 mph.


Midweek clarity returns with mostly sunny skies, as we reach for a high of 57. The north northwest wind, now at a brisk 14 mph, might bring gusts up to 20 mph, clearing any remaining clouds and setting the stage for a clear night ahead.


The stars take center stage on this mostly clear night, with a tranquil low around 36 degrees. The northeast wind whispers at 8 to 10 mph, carrying our wishes for clear skies into the dawn.


As we cast our gaze further, Earth Day reflections linger with a pattern of cool nights and warm days. Eyes on next weekend as it looks like it could be a wet one out there. At least it does warm up as we move towards next weekend with some 70s in the forecast and we could be flirting with the 80s moving towards next week.