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Tax day approaches with spring weather in step


As we tuck into our Saturday evening plans, expect the weather to play nice. Clear skies will reign supreme, with an overnight low nudging the cool side at around 39°F. Winds from the southeast will keep it gentle at 6 mph. Perfect for those late-night strolls or early tax prep sessions.


Waking up to a sun-drenched Sunday, temperatures will soar to a comfortable 80°F. It’s a splendid curtain-raiser for tax day, with a west-southwest wind at 16 to 18 mph – it’s got enough oomph to ruffle papers if you’re crunching numbers outdoors.

With the weekend offering a taste of delightful weather, it’s a gentle reminder that spring can indeed be sweet – perfect for outdoor plans or getting a jump start on those taxes! Enjoy the respite, Indianapolis, and here’s to hoping this upcoming week taxes you less than the IRS!


Isolated showers might pop in between 9 pm and 1 am, just a heads-up for the night owls. We’re expecting a low around 56°F, with a calm west-southwest wind turning north after midnight.


On the fiscal finale, the sun will stick around, with the mercury peaking near 78°F. Northeast winds will whisper at a mild 6 mph. The forecast remains cautiously optimistic for clear skies as we move into the afternoon – just in time for any last-minute tax filers.


As night falls, there’s a 20% chance of late-night showers. But, with a mostly cloudy sky and a low near 59°F, it’s nothing that would dampen the spirits of procrastinators making that midnight tax dash.


It’s a mixed bag – a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms rolls in pre-9 am, then showers are likely between 9 am and noon, with thunder rumbling potentially after noon. Mostly cloudy, high near 77°F, with breezy conditions as south-southeast winds range from 9 to 14 mph, gusting up to 30 mph.


Showers could linger, possibly growing into a thunderstorm. It’ll be breezy and warmer, with lows around the 62°F mark.


Looking ahead, our parade of pleasantness seems to stretch its legs with temperatures comfortably above freezing. The midweek might whisk in some clouds, but overall, it’s looking like a wallet-friendly forecast – no need to spend extra on umbrellas just yet!