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3 tornadoes added in southern Indiana; total of 5 Friday

St Joseph Church in St. Joseph, Indiana, is shown March 3, 2023, after a tornado damaged the roof. (Photo Provided/Evansville Watch)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, continues to survey damage from Friday’s storms.

On Tuesday, they announced finding evidence of three more tornadoes. Two were in western and northern Vanderburgh County. The Saint Joseph area had an EF-1 tornado, while northwest of Darmstadt had an EF-0 tornado. The enhanced Fujita scale rates EF-0 twisters as having gusts from 65-85 mph, while EF-1s have gusts from 86-110 mph.

The third tornado was confirmed near Dale as an EF-1. Earlier, it had been estimated as an EF-0.

Friday’s tornado count is at five for the state, and the 2023 total stands at seven.

St. Joseph Church. (Provided Photo/Evansville Watch)
Tornado damage in Dale, Indiana. (Photo Provided/HeisenbergFX4 on Twitter)