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Wet and windy weather nearing Indiana

Drew Saturday


Saturday night will be a mostly cloudy one with chances for rain in the evening hours increasing as we move towards bedtime. Central parts of the state might see a light mist or drizzle at times in the early evening hours, but rain will be heavier as we make our way towards bedtime and beyond. Winds will be out of the southeast at 5-10 MPH. Low temperature sinks to around the mid 40s by Sunday morning.


Sunday will be quite wet in the morning hours, but skies should be clearing up rainfall wise as we move into the afternoon. Skies will remain mostly cloudy even when the rain dies down. High temperatures reach the upper 40s in the afternoon with a breeze out of the west at 5 to 10 MPH all day long.


By Sunday night winds will start to pick up as a quick hitting but breezy system starts to sneak in by Monday. Winds will be out of the north and west at 10 to 15 MPH. Skies will remain mostly cloudy for the moment, but precipitation will be taking a break this evening.


Monday looks like an interesting one. The day will be windy with a weather system nearby. Winds could gust to 40 MPH in the daytime hours. Some lake effect snow could sneak in as well on Monday morning as well to make the day even more wild. Snowfall would likely not be heavy enough to stick for the most part here in central Indiana, let alone accumulate on grass and rooftop.


Temperatures will cool down shortly for Tuesday, but skies will likely return back to sunny. Even into later parts of the upcoming week, rain doesn’t sneak back into the forecast for the foreseeable future after this weekend’s chance.