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How a Pottery Maker Found Her Home and Happiness In Indy

2023-12-17 – BE&O SuSt

When she moved to Indianapolis from Seattle, Washington, Becca Otis had one thing on her mind: creating eclectic and unique pottery.  

What started as an extra credit college project in 2009 quickly became a business opportunity for the owner of 5 Lines Pottery. With her shop located inside the historic 201 Studios on the east side of Indianapolis, Otis likes to focus on making pieces that appeal to her instead of mass-producing pieces that would fit in at your average craft store. 

When she moved into 201 Studios three years ago, Otis initially split the space with a friend. “I feel so fortunate to have found this space,” she says. In Seattle, Otis says she was not completely happy with her life, even though she made more money than ever. As with many entrepreneurs, the pandemic was a time to reflect and reprioritize her life. Then, she backed her belongings into a van and headed for Indianapolis.  

Specializing in cups and wine glasses, her creations feature “smooth tactile experiences.” Using Dr. Suess-esque shapes, Otis also makes earrings made from pottery that sport colors and patterns pulled right out of the 1980’s. 

Reflecting on the past few years of making pottery she likes to look at, Otis says, “I’m probably happier than I’ve ever been.”