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Leadership Coach Wants Entrepreneurs to Discover the Obvious

2024-04-28 – BE&O IF

Heather Lowey is a leadership coach who created a workbook series to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential.   

Lowey says helping small business owners chart their path to success is a significant part of her mission, and she encourages her clients to “Discover the obvious about themselves.” Part of discovering the obvious is making small sustainable changes that have a “transformative impact,” according to Lowey.  

When it comes to finding the right life coach, Lowey says it is important to find someone you connect with and who will hold you accountable. She admits she may not be the best life coach for every entrepreneur because different people have different needs.  

Lowey says of her clients, ““I become the hypewoman.” She often encourages her clients to pause and celebrate successes, but she also challenges them to meet their goals. Leadership coaches can help small business owners with everything from strategic planning to marketing advice.   

According to Lowey, many leadership coaches offer free discovery sessions so business owners can take their time and find the right fit for their needs.   

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