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Historic Studio 201 Wants You to Meet Their Makers 

2023-12-03 – BE&O RYB

In what used to be an abandoned warehouse in the eastside Indianapolis neighborhood of Twin Aire, RJ Pollak saw the potential to build a unique community of artisans. 

Located at 201 S. Rural St, the 201 Studios is an eclectic mix of furniture makers, candle sellers, and jewelry artisans who work in the over 60,000 square foot, 100-year-old building to grow their small businesses and sell their wares to buyers around the country. 

Pollak, President of Pollak Investments LLC, who helped with the recent redevelopment of the Stutz building, says the moment he saw the abandoned building five years ago, he knew it was the perfect spot to launch his vision of creating studio space for local artisans. When he first stepped inside the building, it was cold, dark, and wet. The space had no windows, no plumbing, and no electricity. He immediately set out to renovate the building and began leasing space to tenants soon after. “I feel so fortunate to have found this space,” he says.  

The building renovation has also helped the growing sense of community sweeping through the revitalized Twin Aire neighborhood. Turning a once hollowed-out shell of a building into a vibrant and lively space has gone a long way in restoring community pride. The rise in property values that come along with such projects is also a boost in creating trust between developers and residents.     

With a current roster of more than 30 artists occupying the building, Pollak says you can find everything from glass-blowers to guitar makers in 201 Studios. In addition to artist studios, the building also features office studios and flex spaces for lease. 

Studio 201 will host their semi-annual open house on December 9 from 4 pm to 9 pm. The open house is a rare chance for visitors to step inside the historic building, visit artists, purchase unique items, and even have a beer from Kismetic Beer Company or a taco from the Tlaolli food truck.  

To learn more about Studio 201 and their holiday open house, you can visit their Facebook page.