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New Service Pipe & Supply Owners Look to Continue Family Legacy

2024-04-28 – BE&O SuSt

After more than 50 years in business, Service Pipe & Supply is still in business with a third generation of family owners. 

Nicole Peters, the owner of Service Pipe & Supply says the business started half a century ago with her husband’s grandfather, who would sell supplies out of a station wagon. After some success, the business moved downtown, and now, three generations later, Peters runs the company with her husband. 

Peters says she received help from the THRIVE program through the Small Business Administration. She says she had “A bunch of great ideas, but not really a great path.” After a seven-month executive leadership program in which she learned how to build and grow her business, Peters says she is ready to take Service Pipe & Supply to the next level.

Already, Peters and her husband have made significant updates to the business’s technology, customer service, and more. But Peters says it’s important that the business retain its family values. She says that is a huge part of keeping the family legacy alive.   

Through the THRIVE program, Peters says she has been able to network with other business owners and has already seen her customer base grow. To learn more about the SBA THRIVE program visit,