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IndyCREW Helps Women Working in Commercial Real Estate  

2024-03-24 – BE&O RYB

IndyCREW is a business networking organization dedicated to advancing and supporting women who work in the commercial real estate industry. 

Danielle Kaiser, a current board member for IndyCrew, says the nonprofit is extremely helpful to women who are just entering the industry and women who have been in commercial real estate for years. In addition to networking, the organization also acts as a support group where women can get advice, receive mentoring, and more.   

IndyCREW also hosts events throughout the year, such as a women in leadership series, a monthly luncheon, and golf events. 

“It is a very difficult industry,” says Leslie Teskey, a former president of IndyCrew. When speaking of the challenges women could face in the commercial real estate world, Teskey says IndyCREW works to provide mentoring and guidance from women who have broken barriers and want to help others. 

IndyCREW has been around for 24 years and has 250 members across Central Indiana.